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The Gospel of Good News

Martin Luther was reading Romans 1:16-17 and it changed his life and brought on the Protestant Reformation.   “The righteous shall live by faith,” Romans 1:17.   How can that be good news?  “There is none righteous, no not one (Romans 3:10).”     God is righteous and I’m not.  My sin separates me from God.   How can I… Read More »

Bible Heroes

    July 14 was our VBS on the theme of “Bible Hero’s.”  Who is your hero?   Who do you look up to?   Who do you admire and want to be like?  We hear a lot of talk about “super hero’s” these days that have super powers.   Do you sometimes wish that you had some… Read More »

Identity in Christ

June Newsletter and website blog from Pastor Gundar             I am reading The Forgotten Way, by Ted Dekker that centers on our identity in Christ.   To understand your identity you have to know Christ Himself and what He is like.   Do you see Him as loving and good?  Do you believe that He has your… Read More »