Identity in Christ

Identity in Christ

Have you seen the new “Overcomer” film on finding our identity in Christ? Starting the week of October 20 we encourage you to join a small group to get the most out of this study. How do you answer the question, “Who are you really?” What do you allow to define you? “Identity is what people believe to be true about themselves. It’s their source of value and worth…

This Bible study, featuring group discussions, film clips, and personal studies, is designed to help you firmly establish your value and worth in Christ. You’ll encounter a variety of Old and New Testament giants who either demonstrated an identity firmly rooted in God’s truth or warn you of the danger of choosing alternative identities. Along the way you’ll have opportunities to determine whether your identity may be ill-defined and to be drawn back to the only source of meaning in life, ever closer to Christ (from the study guide, p. 7).”

I am excited to bring sermons that are the titles of our weekly studies:

· Who are you? I will bring two messages on this, starting out with lies that we believe about ourselves.

· You are broken

· You are Chosen

· You Surrender

· You Declare

This is a great study to invite someone to join you, even someone who does not go to our church.

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