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God’s Design for the Church

 What is God’s design for the church?   “Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it (I Cor. 12:27).”  What if each part of your body decided to do its own thing?   Can you imagine the mess you would be in?  In the church Christ is the head of the body,… Read More »

The Message of Advent

  Now more than ever we need to celebrate Advent, the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ (Messiah).   Times are hard.   Times were hard when Jesus was born in a very divided world.   There were a lots of haters in Israel because Israel was controlled by Rome.   Some were even ready to kill their enemies.   We need the… Read More »

Encourage One Another

 Lots of negativity going around about 2020 and it is easy to see why:  COVID 19, the Derecho and we still need to survive the election. Are you wanting to fast forward to 2021?   Are you wanting to go to sleep and wake up in 2021?  Will 2021 be better?   Only God knows.  But haven’t people had it worse?   What about… Read More »

Marriage is a Commitment

 August 18 Kathy and I celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary.  How could that be?  I don’t feel that old.   I remember our wedding in 1972 when we said our vows to each other that we wrote with verses from the Bible.  We were married at Wheaton Bible Church by Pastor Chris Lyons and my mom sang at our wedding.  We had… Read More »

Love Your Neighbor

Dr. Del Tackett was the speaker July 18 at Soteria Church on his new Engagement Project.   Maybe you have heard of his Truth Project?  If we haven’t done that here at Westover, it would be good to do the Truth Project and then the Engagement project.  The Truth Project presents a Biblical worldview which is so important so… Read More »

Guard Your Heart

We hear a lot about PPE these days, personal protective equip-ment.  I wear a mask when I shop and when I do my work as a chaplain.  I am not here to debate it.    I recently was part of a Nightingale service for a nurse that died and I spoke about PPE for the heart that is hurting.  During this time of COVID… Read More »