Scripture: Matthew 8:23-27

3 Application Points:

    1. Following Jesus might get you into a storm. Trust Him for He is with you.
      1. Matthew 8:23-24
      2. Psalm 4:8
      3. Isaiah 26:3-4

Many Christians think that the storms of life are because of something they have done wrong. But the Disciples were following Jesus when they got into the boat. So, when we are following Jesus, it might get us into a storm, but these storms, and trials are given to us to help us grow in our faith and be dependent on Jesus for the help we need to get through the storm.

Do you ever feel alone, in despair, like the Disciples were feeling here? Just like for all believers, Jesus is with you, like he was here with his Disciples.

    1. Great storms and trials will challenge our faith. Believe in Jesus and His power to save.
      1. Matthew 8:25-26
      2. “He does not chide them for disturbing him with their prayers, but for disturbing themselves with their fears” (Matthew Henry).

Fear makes us lose perspective, blinds us, makes us irrational. Jesus cares for the perishing.

The storm drove out their Faith. This is what storms, trials do to us. We think God has abandoned us.

Jesus rebukes them because they stopped trusting Him. He didn’t say, come back when your Faith is stronger, and I will help you. Jesus helps when we come to him, like the Disciples did here. He even helps us when our faith is little. We need to understand that Jesus wasn’t a Sailor, he was a Carpenter, so the Disciples knew more about the sea than Jesus, but he still helped them. Believe in Jesus and his power to help you in your trials.

    1. The storms of life will not last forever. Jesus will demonstrate His power. Worship Him and pray!
      1. Matthew 8:26-27
      2. Jesus does in the flesh what YHWH does in the Psalms:
        1. Psalm 89:8-9
        2. Psalm 106:9
        3. Psalm 107:28-30

In the midst of the Storm, what is louder? The Storm or the voices of the Disciples? Yet, it isn’t the storm that awakens Jesus, but the voices of the Disciples. Jesus is always listening for us to cry out to him for help in our time of need.

God never promised that you wouldn’t have afflictions or trials, like cancer, alzheimers, and other serious health conditions. He never promised that you would never deal with a rebellious child. He never promised that you wouldn’t bury your spouse or child. He never promised that your kids wouldn’t prevent you from seeing your grandchildren. But he did promise that he is with us and that he is going to be with us. “I will never leave you or forsake you.” If you are going through a storm today, your story isn’t ended. He will bring great calm in your life, just cry out to him for help, and he will demonstrate His power in your life. Do what the disciples did with “little” faith. Run to Jesus.

[Notes from a Sermon by Dr. Edgar Aponte – Idlewild Baptist Church Lutz, Florida]

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